(May 1, 2021)

May Day Protesters in Tokyo, Japan shout “Let Us Live!” Photo by Hiroe Saruya (May 1, 2009), Creative Commons.
Calling earth people…
calling all earthlings 
calling all zombified breathtaking
war making Godfearing raping gas guzzling land stealing 
genocidal dream fixated creative destructionist
consumer-citizen polluters 
anti-misogynists anti-white supremacists anti-fascists
greedy hedonist skyscraping robber barons 
monetizing sensation craving baby making pink washing 
liberal conservative communist zealots
love starved creatures
of this bloody ashen world
we can live
without police
without racial 
lines or borders 
sprawling into a gazillion reasons
            that blot out life
and make it alright 
to commit 
honor killings
in the name 
of vulgar counterfeit 
economies stealing their way 
to prison cells 
in other countries 
to shed 
and digital glut 

we can have a world 
without heroes
and the fanatic 
glandular courage
to hail 
irrational disparity
or atrocities to protect 
Zen masters
of terror 

but we need dandelions 
            insidious permutations
            of rage and loss 
to grow wild
over abandoned chalk-body 
memorials collecting 
like scattered sunlight
on concrete tombstones
and their spindle seedy
crowns to multiply 
in the wind
leaving behind 
a potential revolution
in every killing field

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